Sustainable Urban Tourism

Working for low carbon initiatives

Boundary Partners

Historical Place in Hue


Media are expected to disseminate information as well as generate feedbacks from the readers. Media personnel will invited to workshops, and the involvement of media will be through the following associations in the two cities:

Chiang Mai: Journalist Association of Chiang Mai

Hue: Hue Local News Paper: (Thua Thien Hue Daily News)

Night Market in Chiang Mai

Private Sectors: The private sector in the tourism area who will assist the project are varied, as shown in the list below:

Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai Tourist Business Associations, Chiang Mai Restaurant Club, Chiang Mai Guide Association, The Thai Northern Hotel Association

Hue: Association of Hotel Business, Bao Minh Travel Company, Association of Entrepreneurs, Green Travel JSC (a medium enterprise, owing a four-star hotel, a green restaurant and a tour operator)

Vemiendisan Hue City

Government: In addition to the project partner (who are the local government, we also have involved the Hue Union of Women to assist the project).

Chiang Mai: Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Mai Provincial Office of Tourism and Sport

Hue: Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts Studies in Hue under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 

Dancing Activities in Chiang Mai


The non government groups in Chiang Mai and Hue who will be involved are:

Chiang Mai: Hugchiangmai Group, Chiang Mai Friends and Chiang Mai Cycling Group

Hue: Center for Self Reliance Enrichment (Micro finance)

Royal Court Music Performance in Hue

Tourists: Though tourists are important stakeholders in this sector for the cities, their feedback and inputs will be through their participation in the surveys, and not necessarily through consultative meetings

Night Plaza in Chiang Mai

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