Sustainable Urban Tourism

Working for low carbon initiatives

Expected outcomes and outputs

Chiang Mai City centre

Expected outcomes:

In the medium term, the expected project outcomes are:

1. Planned activities in place to reduce GHG emission intensity in the urban tourism sector of the two cities.  (This would be due to increased capacity of partners (local and boundary partners), recommended policies and measures, and estimates (yearly) of GHG emissions, and specific activities implemented ) – from outputs 1, 2 and 4

2. Planned activities in place for creating more green jobs for women and men in low income groups – from outputs 1, 3 and 5

Hue Festival 2005

Expected outputs

1.  Increased capacity on GHG emissions inventory estimation from the tourism sector at city level

2.  Quantified GHG emissions and emission intensities of the tourism sector in Hue and Chiang Mai.

Yee peng festuval in Chiang Mai

3.  Enhanced collaboration among communities, local government and private sector in working towards GHG mitigation initiatives by creating green and decent jobs, especially for low income groups.

4.  Developed policies and plans to mitigate GHG emissions in Hue/Chiang Mai by creating decent work for the poor, and ensuring participation of women in the decision making process.

Art and Craft demonstration in Hue

5.  Publications and disseminations:

  • Policy brief on emission reductions
  • Sumernet book chapter on analysis of experiences and lessons learnt on the effectiveness in (tourism sector) reducing emissions, creation of decent work, and effect on gender equality;
  • Publish at least one peer reviewed journal article on emission study and/or best practices which will highlight successful practices of mitigating GHG emissions and/or opportunities for poor women and men towards decent job creation and gender equality issues. Additional publications in workshops/conferences will also be considered.
  • Dissemination of project research results through local media, boundary partners and others special events/forum, etc. (e.g. brochures).
Monkey Dance in Chiang Mai

Monkey Dance in Chiang Mai

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